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Fallen Angel is a manga written and drawn by Annabelle Luicien. You may not redistribute, modify or resell any part of this work. All rights reserved. ©2019.

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Latest Comic
She is the past that cannot be erased. He is the future that this world seeks. It has been 2000 years since the Angels Fall, now she walks this barren land. In a world where demons dance while angels sing and humans sit as the audience.



Fallen Angel Volume 1. sale

Forgot to post it here too~ Volume 1 is on sale on Tictail. I have got a discount running where you get $3 off on the book. Discount code is CLEAR

Written and illustrated by me. Fallen Angel is a personal manga project of mine that has been in progress since 2007, when I was in high school. After reworking the original story line at least 3 times now, I am finally able to present to you the first volume of Fallen Angel.
The book is 124 mm x 188 mm, the interior is printed in black and white on 100 gsm paper with a full colour 300 gsm cover and 182 pages.

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