Fallen Angel is a manga written and drawn by Annabelle Luicien. You may not redistribute, modify or resell any part of this work. All rights reserved. ©2018.

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Information on the webcomic, it's author, the site and credits.

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II About Fallen Angel II

Fallen Angel is a webcomic set in a world where angels and demons wage great wars and endless battles, where humans fight to prolonge their existence and yet continue to live in crippling fear. Videl and Kazuki are on a journey to find the things they've lost while battling their foes who aare hell bent on bringing hell to earth.

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II About the Author/Artist

Name: Annabelle
Age: 25
About:I am a freelance animator/illustrator living in Auckland, New Zealand, recently graduated from Freelance Animation School with a Diploma in 2D animation. I spend most of my time drawing or on my computer. At the moment I am working on building my portfolio to get into the animation industry. Fallen Angel is a comic I've been working on for years and am hoping to have published some time

II Credits II

Psychobob: Online screentones and brushes I have used in the manga.
Skybase: Online screentones and cloud brushes I have used in the manga.
Celestial-Star: Photoshop brushes and textures.
PhotoshopBrushes: Brushes for Photoshop.

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